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Mastelo is Sifnos top taste and flavor

In Sifnos island on the Sunday of Orthodox Easter, after the fasting of Holy Week and unlike the rest of Greece, the lunch table has not spit lamb or kid but a local specialist called Mastelo! Mastelo is lamb or

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Sifnos and the Flaros

Sifnos local expression concerning flaros became famous in Greece. “Your bad flaros” (ton kako sou ton flaro) is a famous Greek expression that addressed interlocutor suggests, as metaphor, strong protest to some wrong conclusions and actions, event or great indignation

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Sifnos local products

Sifnos pure agricultural products Pure, local agricultural  products of Sifnos island produced with great effort , will amaze you with its high quality and palatability . The recipe for success holds many secrets, that make the  production of healthy agricultural

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Sifnos Heliport

Sifnos public political Heliport Sifnos heliport is an organized public political heliport operated under the responsibility of the General Secretariat of Aegean and Island Policy. The helipad of the island as part of the infrastructure of the island serves except

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How to get in Sifnos by ferry

During summer time  there are 2 vessels who depart from Piraeus port for visitors who wish to travel to Sifnos by ferry. West Cyclades islands ferry liners depart from Piraeus port  to… Kythnos island (Merichas port) Serifos island (Livadi port)

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