Let’s do it Sifnos – 2014

As part of the international campaign Cleanup “Let’s do it Sifnos – 2014” Sunday, April 6
groups of volunteers of the island meeting place and clean :

1 . Volunteer Group of Friends Mountain and Sea Sifnos Square Artemona the path to Vorini at 09:00
2 . Volunteer Group of the Local Committee of Sifnos EL.LET region of northern at 9:30
3 . Volunteers Hang beaches Chrysopigi in Apokofto at 09:30
4. Volunteer Group ( involving the Harbour Station Sifnos ) remote beaches of the mole Platis Gialos at 10:00
5. Volunteer Group of the Cooperative Company of Sifnos Plakoto the path to and from Faro Faucet path Castro at 10:00
6. Volunteer Group beach Herronissos at 10:00
7. Teams support Embellishing Association Herronissos for cleaning Vroulidia beach Herronissos at 10:00
8. Teams support Embellishing Association Platis Gialos ‘ Progress ‘ way of Plakoto to Platis Gialos at 10:00
9. SILE.F.I.M. Group volunteers the dam of Kamares meadow at 10:00
10. Teams support Embellishing Association of Lighthouse Plakoto way to Plati Gialos at 10:00
11. P.S.S. Group volunteers the Foundation Prokou Apollonia way to Cherronissos at 10:30
12. Volunteer Group of the Association ” Friends of Castle ” the road to Castle in diastaafrosi Apollonia Castle at 10:30
13. Teams support Embellishing Association ” Vathi Sifnos ‘ by Arades the road to Deep at 11:00
14. Teams of volunteers Pansifniakou Athletic Association Sifnos will clean the golf dome , Artemona and Kamares , at 11:00 .

15. Seralia team of volunteers at the Castle at 11:15
16. Volunteers Group the bottom of the port of Kamares at 16:00
17. Teams support Embellishing Association Kamares “The Merope ” by parking Apollonia way to Arches at 17:00

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