Sifnos fire contact of Towers and Citadels


Sifnos fire communication of ancient towers and citadels and temples.

On Pentecost Sunday at 7 pm, Sifnos fire communication is happening again this year over 86 positions of the ancient towers – citadels and temples of the island. The contact involve hundreds of volunteers in 86 different locations throughout the island and Kitriani (4 ancient citadels , 77 ancient towers, two ancient temples ) and raises highlights , with respect to ancient monuments of Sifnos, rich history and archaeological treasures of the island with stability for 11 years and is one of the two major cultural events on the island .

fryktories 2014

The action will be broadcast live on local radio and television with the internet broadcast will begin at 6 pm. In 9pm another event will follow in the square Artemonas with speeches by the Director of Research of Democritus Mr. I. Bassiakou with subject “The Mine Ai Sosti Sifnos ‘ and Mrs G. Smith, archaeologist CB department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities with subject” Ancient Forts and Sacred hills of the island . “This evening in Sifnos will be concluded with a treat , music and standard viewing of volunteers photos.

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