Sifnos History

Sifnos History 3000-2000 B.C
Prehellenic groups or Aegeans inhabit the island. There is a big mining Activity during this period (silver and lead)

Sifnos History 2000-1450 B.C
Under the influence of the Minoans, the island was named Meropi and the ancient town of Minoa was founded.

Sifnos History 1450-1100 B.C
The citadels of the island are the evidence of the Mycenean civilization

Sifnos History 1130-1120 B.C
Ionians from Athens are coming to the island and we have the first reference to the island’s name as Sifnos.

Sifnos history White Tower

Sifnos History 8th-5th cen. B.C
Very fast economical development due to mining activities. For the first time there is Sifnian currency in circulation. Tthis is the period when the original fortifications were established and the agora, temples, watchtowers, and so-called “optical telegraphs” were first founded.

Sifnos History 525 B.C
As a result of the great economical development , the Sifnians deposited their legendary Treasure at Delphi and received great distinction!

Sifnos History 524 B.C
Political exiles from Samos island attack Sifnos and they steel the 100 talants . The loss of this amount leads to the collapse the local economy.

Sifnos History 5th-4th cen. B.C
During this period of the Persian Wars, Sifnos participates to the great naval battle of Salamina (480 B.C) with one ship pentikodoros type (battleship of this time period with fifty oar propulsion)

Sifnos History 388 B.C
The island comes under the authority of the Macedonian Kingdom

Sifnos History 146 B.C-324 B.C
Sifnos is under the Roman occupation. A lot of remains (marble tomps etc) the visitors can still see today in Kastro.

Sifnos History 330B.C-1204
During the Byzantine period Sifnos belongs to the Byzantine Province of The Islands. Capital of this territory was Rhodes. Later Sifnos comes to the Region of the Aegean Sea having Samos as its Capital. Between 726 and 843, which was the period of Iconoclasm, many educated people found Sifnos as a safe place to stay, and with their contribution there is a new cultural growth of the island.

Sifnos History 1207-1262
Thoses were the days of the Dukes of Arrchipelago Markus and Angelus Sanouthos.
Sifnos History  Agios AndreasSifnos History 1279-1307
Sifnos becomes once again part of the Byzantine Empire.

Sifnos History 1307-1537
The dynasty of Dakoronia first occupies and then governs the island. Later is coming under the rule of Gozadinoses.

Sifnos History 1537-1566
Barbarossa occupies and brings the island under Turkish occupation.

Sifnos History 1617-1821
The admiral of the Turkish fleet is commanding the island. There are some Catholic and other Hellenic Orthodox Schools operating this period of time in Sifnos. During the years 1646-1797 Sifnos endows the Chair of the Archdiocese having authority to eleven islands. In 1650 the church of Virgin Mary of Chryssopigi was built on the remains of an ancient temple.

Sifnos History 1770-1774
Sifnos is under Russian occupation.

Sifnos History 1687-1854
The famous School of the Holy Sepulcher known as Educational Insitude of the Archipelago operates in Kastro which is the capital of Sifnos until 1836. The same period more than 50 Sifnians became bishops following distinguished careers.

Sifnos History 1821
During Hellenic Independence war against the Turks, 150 men from Sifnos under the commands of Nicolas Chrysogelos are going to Peloponnese where they fight together with the other Greeks. Nicolas Crysogelos became the first Minister of Education in the first Hellenic Government which established after the end of the war.

Sifnos History 1883
Kamares are from now on official the main port of Sifnos

Sifnos History 1941-1944
The island is under Italian occupation.

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