Sifnos local Feasts

Sifnos local feasts are too many as there is a large number of churches all over the island. Apart from the impressive numbers (235 churches and chapels) is also important for visitors to know that almost all churches celebrate the eve of the feast of their patron Saint when a festival is organized every year.

The institution of “panigiras” the believer who assumes custody and maintenance of the icon of church’s Saint, for 12 months period at his own place, makes the festivals of the island unique.“Panigiras” undertakes to finance the full organization of the festival including: whitening of the church, the Bunting, cleaning the church, offer of the bread and food which is usually chickpea soup and spaghetti with meat and wine

Sifnos local Feasts

Sifnos Faros Feast of Cross

Sifnos local Feasts round the year are:


• 24th of January, Agios Grigorios and Margarita, to Giavroucha of Herronissos


• 1st of February, SymeonTheodochou, to the monastery of Agios Symeon


• 4th of May, Agia Eirini, to Chora Herronissou


• 12th of July, Sylvestros and Gabriel, to the mines of Agios Silivestros
• 12th of July, Taxiarxon of Vathi, next to the dock of Vathi
• 17th of July, the morning of Agia Marina’s day, to Flabouro behind the Profitis Elias mountain
• 19th of July, Profitis Elias of Thesvitou, on the top of Profitis Elias mountain
• 19th of July, of Ai Nilia of Kontou, close to Platis Gialos
• 25th of July, the morning of the same day, Kimisis tis Agias Annas Viglas-Vathi, to the hill close to Vathi
• 26th of July, Agios Panteleimonas of Herronissos, to the church of Agios Polikarpos of Herronissos
• 26th of July, Agios Panteleimonas of Herronissos, to the church of Agios Charalampos to Herronissos


• 6th of August, Metamorfosi tou Sotiros, to the Sotiras church
• 16th of August, the morning, Panagia Kimisis, to Lagadakia
• 16th of August, the morning, Panagia Anemordili, to Anemordili
• 19th of August, the morning, Andrea Stratilati Ai Ntria, to the foots of the mountain of Agios Andreas
• 28th of August, Ioannis Prodromos, to Ai Gianni
• 28th of August, Agios Giannis Siderou
• 28th of August Agios Giannis Choras
• 31st of August, the morning of the same day, Timia Zoni Theotokou
• 31st of August, Agios Simeon, on the top of Agios Simeon
• 31st of August, Pantokratora, before the crossing of Platis Gialos-Chissopigis


• 5th of September, Taxiarchon Vathiou, at the monastery
• 6th of September,Agios Sozon, to the mines
• 7th of September, Panagia Vrisiani, at the Vrisis monastery
• 13th of September, Ipsosi Timiou Staurou, to Faros
• 13th of September, Staurou Chonis, at Choni of Herronissos
• 15th of September, Agios Nikitas, on the top of mountain Ai Nikita


• 25th of October, Agios Dimos, to Petsi


• 7th of November, Pammegiston Taxiarxon, to Merisini


• 6th of December, Agios Nikolaos Thavmatourgos, to Aerina

There are also the feasts: of Agios Georgios of Herronissos, of Agios Georgios of Kontou, of Agios Georgios to Livadakia and of Analipseos Panagias Chrissopigis where the dates of the feast change depending on the Easter day.

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