Sifnos local products

Sifnos pure agricultural products

Pure, local agricultural  products of Sifnos island produced with great effort , will amaze you with its high quality and palatability . The recipe for success holds many secrets, that make the  production of healthy agricultural products on a small, barren and tempest of the salty Aegean islet , possible.

Sifnos is famous for its traditional delicious sweet treats such as macaroons , the honey pies , the delights , the pastels and nougats .

Ask to taste in island’s restaurants and hotels local honey and local cheeses such as sour cream cheese , spicy manoura and chloromanoura . Sifnos also produces very good quality of olive oil and wine.

Sage, oregano and marjoram are the herbs that you can easily buy on the island and there are also plenty capers.

The figs and almonds of the island have no taste and should also try .

 TIP: Sifnians are hardworking people and many of them have the good habit, regardless of profession, maintain a small baxe of fresh for the family needs. The hospitable islanders are always offering local delicacies honoring Sifnos island guests.


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