Sifnos Sightseeing


Sifnos Sightseeing

Sifnos Sightseeing section provides a guided tour around the most important sights of the island seeing photos and acquiring interesting information.

There are much more sights for you to discover in Sifnos island, which will give you memorable moments to take with you!

The religious heritage of Sifnos island attracts visitors, every year, from all over the world. Tourists are visiting churches and monasteries around the island often located in areas with landscapes of outstanding natural beauty.

Religious tourism combines spiritual, cultural and historical issues while highlighting the distinctive identity of the island. Besides visits to Christian Orthodox monasteries, like the Prophet Elijah and Vrisses, visitors come to Sifnos in order to admire some unique architectural masterpieces. Also to see the images, illustrations, mosaics, murals and shrines. Places of religious worship, from small churches to the majestic temples, are Sifnos religious heritage of centuries, who enjoys widespread recognition and respect.

For example, thousands of Christians are visiting Sifnos island, in order to pray in Virgin Maria of Chryssopigi. As it is beleived the image of Virgin Maria, who is also the patron saint of the island and was found at sea, is miraculous.

The religious experiences of Sifnos Sightseeing, as an alternative form of tourism, will offer you unique moments during your holidays.



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