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Chrysopigi Church

Marriage in Sifnos, with endless blue of the Aegean Sea, resembling fairytale dream. The unique backdrop composed, whitewashed churches of the island by the sea, low whitewashed stone houses and beaches with separate colors of the Cyclades, is amazing! Religious or civil marriages and several symbolic vow renewals are most often concentrated in Sifnos, contemporary couples who decide to combine their wedding with a few days getaway to their favorite island.

The renowned hospitality of local people in the home island of the very famous Greek cook Tselemendes completes the scene for an unforgettable wedding in Sifnos. Every year many weddings take place in Sifnos which has allowed local professionals to invest in the development of the required infrastructure. This is very positive because the overall cost is minimized, as less things have to be transferred from the mainland to Sifnos island.

Most marriages are taking place during low touristic period and especially during May, June and September, where Sifnos visitors are little and it makes it possible for the couple and the guests to enjoy higher quality services. Sea transfer of the bride and groom by boat in the church and the traditional instruments accompanying  the couple, is giving Sifnos wedding a very special color.


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