Sifnos White Tower

Sifnos White TowerYou can find similar  to Sifnos White Tower either circular or rectangular towers in many other Aegean islands.

In Sifnos, as a result of a systematic search-survey more than fifty towers were found. Seventy-three were also found in Kea island, and several others in Kythnos, Serifos, Amorgos, Myconos, Paros and Tenos. The research is still operating and it is not clear yet, exactly how old are they or the main purpose they were built.

Probably they were either watch towers or places of refuge for the population during the turbulent Hellenistic times. However, some were already constructed during 6th century B.C. and their function must therefore vary according to the period and the location. Having in mind that West Cyclades islands like Kythnos, Serifos and Sifnos, were strong metal producers, it is almost certain that some of them, were used for the protection of the mining and metallurgical activities. Some towers remains were next to rich agricultural areas and they seemed to be fortified villas. However a strong military installation of this size, can hardly be considered as the result of the work of peasants.

As strongest theory about Sifnos White Tower stands the idea, that it was a part of a biggest well organized system of defense who was protecting Aegean islands from pirates.

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