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Mastelo is Sifnos top taste and flavor

In Sifnos island on the Sunday of Orthodox Easter, after the fasting of Holy Week and unlike the rest of Greece, the lunch table has not spit lamb or kid but a local specialist called Mastelo! Mastelo is lamb or

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Sifnos fire contact of Towers and Citadels

Sifnos fire communication of ancient towers and citadels and temples. On Pentecost Sunday at 7 pm, Sifnos fire communication is happening again this year over 86 positions of the ancient towers – citadels and temples of the island. The contact

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Sifnos links & wikipedia

Guidelines for Sifnos links Useful links about Sifnos island travel & tourism experience Sifnos From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sifnos Σίφνος Villages of Artemonas and Apollonia Location Sifnos Coordinates 36°59′N 24°40′ECoordinates: 36°59′N 24°40′E Location within the region [show] Government Country: Greece

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Sifnos local products

Sifnos pure agricultural products Pure, local agricultural  products of Sifnos island produced with great effort , will amaze you with its high quality and palatability . The recipe for success holds many secrets, that make the  production of healthy agricultural

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Sifnos Archaeological Sites

Sifnos Archaeological Sites are the Αncient Μines, the Ancient Citadels, the Ancient Towers, the sanctuary of Nymphs, and the ancient tumulus of Soroudi.   MINES ANCIENT MINES The subsoil of Sifnos consists mainly of schist, gneiss, marble and also of minerals

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Sifnos weddings

Marriage in Sifnos, with endless blue of the Aegean Sea, resembling fairytale dream. The unique backdrop composed, whitewashed churches of the island by the sea, low whitewashed stone houses and beaches with separate colors of the Cyclades, is amazing! Religious

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Sifnos Services

Sifnos Services, section of, is providing useful information concerning services available on Sifnos island, which you can used as a guide throughout your stay.

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Sifnos movies: ISLAND

Sifnos Movies section The movie ISLAND was a Production of Black Orange directed by Anthony Angelopoulos Screenplay: Elena Solomou, Kostis Papadopoulos Photographer: Tasos ZAFIROPOULOS Cast: Vladimir Kyriakides, Michael Marino, Dimitris Tzoumaka, Papaspiliopoulos Odysseus, Helen Kastani Elizabeth Constandinidou, Tania Tripi, Zeta

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Sifnos Petali Village hotel Online Booking

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Sifnos Cyclades Beach Online Booking

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