Visiting a Sifnos traditional pottery

Sifnos traditional potteryA group of tourists is visiting Atsonios  Sifnos traditional pottery workshop in Tsopos beach close to Vathi village.

Preparation of the clay, formatting of the shape in the wheel, drying to the sun, first baking, glazed in colors and second baking, are ceramics manufacturing main steps.

The electricity consumption is currently, the second largest cost to the production of ceramics after labor costs. The electric wheel consumes enough energy, however nothing can compare with the enormous energy consumption, required by modern electric ovens of angioplasty in order to operate at very high temperatures which are approaching 1000 degrees Celsius.

Today however it is very impressive to considers that the first potteries of the island functioned without electricity! The wheel had a pedal to run, when kilns “baked” ceramics burning wood.

A small journey to the past, back  in Sifnos of 1870  is a visit to the beautiful Tsopos beach, where is situated one of the last traditional kilns and workshops on the island.

The ceramic workshop of Atsonios Anthony and his son John, is among the oldest on the island. Recently the old kilns of the workshop, used to operate on timber, were renovated. Nowadays tourists can visit to take a close look of the old, with big historical value,  kilns which are kept in their original form with fully functionality.

Individual visitors are welcome to visit  inside of the traditional workshop, in order to admire the interior ceiling made of wood, reeds and soil, to produce their own pottery creations on the wheel, to taste Mrs. Mary treats, to examine the old kilns and to see professional potters in action. Groups are also welcome for a guided organized tour to the facilities of Atsonios old and new pottery workshop.

Sifnos traditional pottery photo gallery


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